Here’s the implementation support Paul Dunn and Steve Pipe promised at Scaling New Heights…


If you feel ready to access the “Amazon for kindness” and Impact Scorecard tools and start using them straight away…


… then CLICK HERE to watch a 4 minute video showing you how.


Alternatively, if you want some free help to get started, or just want to find out more…


We are running small-group implementation sessions online specifically for Scaling New Heights delegates.


Free and informal, they will provide step-by-step guidance on:

  • How to get started
  • How to get your colleagues and team on board
  • How to create Impact Scorecards for your business and for your clients
  • How to get your name on the cover of Our time to RISE
  • How to use it all to win more clients and earn more money


You’ll also be able to ask any questions you want.


And you can come to whichever of these dates and times works best for you:


► 11 AM EST on 19 November - CLICK HERE to reserve your place


► 12 PM EST on 23 November - CLICK HERE to reserve your place 


► 1 PM EST on 1 December - CLICK HERE to reserve your place


► 11AM EST on 9 December - CLICK HERE to reserve your place


NOTE: You only need to come to one session, since they will all cover largely the same ground. 


And if none of those works... Steve via and we will arrange something that does.